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You are lifeguards. And really good ones at that!  

On the beach of the small, but touristy harbor town Sun Beach, you take care of the survival of the guests. Because here you will not only have to deal with mild sunburns and children buried in sand! All kinds of dangers are after your life and that of the guests! 

And as your lifeguard Mrs. Abberson always says: „Everything for the guests“. 

So defend the beach as best you can, get your personal lives under control along side your heroic work and... wait? Is the whole thing a TV show?

Greetings From Sun Beach is played in episodes. Because it is in fact a TV show!  After each episode, viewers decide if the series will continue! So better not disappoint them!

You need: 2-5 Players and one Head of Broadcast, who runs the game. Also 2D6!

What you get: A silly printable Postcard-TTRPG 

created for Wish You Were Here: A Postcard Jam

written and designed by möhrenherz


Greetings From Sun Beach BW.pdf 1 MB
Greetings From Sun Beach.pdf 3 MB

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